Your Kitchen Must Have These Three Repurposed Ideas

When it comes to giving a fresh touch to your kitchen, most people go for the latest in stainless steel fixtures, wooden cabinetry, treated granite countertops, and other expensive remodels. But, if you’re an environmentally-conscious person, repurposed ideas should come to mind.

In this article, I’ll walk you through 3 repurposed ideas that shouldn’t miss in any kitchen.

We all have plenty of old or broken bicycles lying around in our closets and garages. For this repurposed idea, you’ll need only the wheels. They offer the perfect size and shape for hanging pans, pots, and other kitchen cooking items with handles. In fact, you can come up with a turntable type rack from bike wheels. This way, your pans and pots are always accessible.

Fit the hanging hardware to the ceiling wall, and then attach it to the wheel. Once affixed to the ceiling, you can add the hooks for hanging your pans and pots. The allure of this repurposed idea is that it makes excellent use of a broken bicycle and can help you organize your kitchen without spending a penny.

Looking to kick it up a notch? Paint your wheel pots and pans rack with a color of your choice to spruce up its appeal.

You don’t have to thrash your rake whenever the handle breaks. It can find great repurposing in the kitchen. That’s right; a broken rake can make for a sizzling utensils rack. You can use the rake part only as design and come up with a rustic and classy looking holder for all your spoons, spatulas, kitchen knives, and so forth. Attach the rake to a good spot on your kitchen’s wall. Of course, you may have to get rid of rust or sand and paint the rake if it’s too rusty. The rake can also make for a fabulous wine glass holder.

Old or chipped saucers and cups can create elegant lighting for your kitchen. You’ll need dishes and cups in the same pattern for this repurposing project. You can then attach the lighting to a wooden plank. It’s an easy project that’ll take your kitchen to the next level.

There you are – three repurposed ideas to spruce up your kitchen.

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