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Welcome to WHOLEROLL!  At WHOLEROLL, we believe we are all connected to the earth in many ways, and we are responsible for it. We also believe that when you use products 'Everything that Touches your Skin Should be Natural.'  We believe an all natural bamboo pulp toilet paper is the healthiest and most environmentally responsible choice in toilet paper. We believe in sustainability and that every action taken to preserve the earth is vital to the balance of its ecosystem. We are 'Earth Conscious and People Committed.'


WHOLEROLL is a Product of the USA




Our founder developed a passion to create a private label bamboo toilet paper called WHOLEROLL after she discovered while working on a patent pending product that 98% of virgin pulp bathroom tissue on retail shelves were made from trees that manufacturers were chopping down. This same 98% on the shelves are also bleached with chlorine to soften and make white. In her discovery from a Harvard study, it was found that the chlorine from these chlorine bleached tissues can be absorbed through the skin and get in the system wreaking havoc on the body. She realized this was not healthy for the body nor the planet. So she set out to create the WHOLEROLL brand on the premise of creating a long term sustainable solution that puts the planet, the next generation and the health of the consumer first.  With three millennial age sons of her own that are a part of the next generation, added even more fuel for her desire to create WHOLEROLL.  

"Giving up my store bought virgin pulp brand of toilet paper to create an organic bamboo bathroom tissue that's healthier for the body, one that participates in rebuilding communities and that's better for the planet was something I was eager to do," she says, " I  have a responsibility to contribute in the preservation of the earth as well as invest in the next generation. As a company, we are committed to developing sustainable solutions to address these needs, and we will always be 'Earth Conscious and People Committed' in our efforts." 




Did you know that every family chops down three trees a year using store bought bathroom tissue made from virgin pulp which is 98% of the bathroom tissue on retail shelves?  This is costly to the planet and the next generation.

Our product WHOLEROLL is about people, the planet and our mission to preserve if for future generations. WHOLEROLL Bamboo Toilet Paper is an ecofriendly, ECF(elemental chlorine free) 100% Natural Bamboo Toilet Paper that is 3 ply strong, has organic cotton like softness and a beautiful butterfly embossing. The softness and the unique texture and the strength of WHOLEROLL is one of a kind. WHOLEROLL is made from 100% bamboo pulp and is environmentally friendly. The bamboo pulp used to make WHOLEROLL grows 20 times faster than trees and can be replenished every two years making it a long term sustainable solution. Our tissue also has natural healing properties which promotes healthy skin.



FSC.ORG C128520

The natural pulp used to make WHOLEROLL is proudly sourced from well managed forests in North America, Europe, East and Southeast Asia. It is proudly processed and distributed in the USA and abroad.





In our efforts to rebuild and restore communities, we have a One for One Commitment to plant a tree in the Gulf Coast Regions devastated by storms for every package of WHOLEROLL purchased in order to help rebuild those areas.


In February 2017, we established a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees for every package of WHOLEROLL we sold. We initially started with a $1000 donation and allowed them to begin planting trees on our behalf where trees were needed the most. We received detailed information from The Arbor Day Foundation on July 31, 2017 that trees had been planted in forests off the East Coast of Florida. This was right before Hurricane Irma hit the coast.  We were encouraged to know that we had seed planted in the ground to replenish the trees that we knew would be lost through the storm. This in essence became the inspiration behind our mission to plant a tree on the Gulf Coast areas devastated by storms for every package of WHOLEROLL purchased.

Million of trees are lost during hurricanes and storms. Trees provide vegetation, absorb carbon emissions and help to intercept rainfall and absorb flood waters. We are committed to help restore local communities one tree at a time.   




We are a team with vigor and vitality; a self-dependent socially conscious team with an experienced purchasing department as well as mature supply chains.

Our partnership with International Donsea Pulp and their vibrant and young generation of trailblazers makes it a joy to do what we do everyday.  Our vision coupled with their production expertise enable us to create and bring you the highest quality organic tissue available. 

We are committed to bringing you an organic and sustainable bathroom tissue that will bring nature's best into your home. 


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