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High quality and irritation free...So glad to find a quality organic toilet paper that works for my family. My household has different skin types and not every brand works for us. So glad I discovered WHOLEROLL, my entire household is happy! 

Cheryl R. - Amazon Customer Feedback

Excellent product.  This toilet paper was a lot more stronger than I expected.  Doesn't take a lot to get the job done and it feels great to know a tree didn't have to be cut down to throw down the toilet.

Annie -Amazon Customer Review

I arrived at my office and my CASE OF 90 WHOLEROLL met me at the Door.  I was SHOCKED! I only ordered them 3 Days Before! !Excellent customer Service and a Great Price!!! WHOLEROLL feels and looks like your website, soft and clean!

Yvonne - Customer Review

I didn't know what to expect buying bamboo made toilet tissue. However, the toilet paper is beautifully designed, & my family didn't notice I switched. Grateful to have learned about WHOLEROLL; it is an easy way to use an ecofriendly product that is good for us. Thanks. I'm glad I tried it.  I look forward to my next order.

Electra - Customer Review

True to its description. Lint free organic. Would have given more than 5 stars if the roll was a little bigger. I recently developed an allergy to regular toilet paper, when I started using this, itchiness stopped...yayyy.

Chepie, Amazon Customer Review

A God sent product....I have a health condition where I have a constant discharge. I use pads but by rolling up a small section of WHOLEROLL over the pad it lasts longer and I feel good about holding it next to my bottom because it is organic. 

Patricia - Amazon Customer Review

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Compact size including a handle makes for easy carry and storage

Organic Cotton Like Softness

Beautiful Butterfly Embossing Design - All Natural







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Absolutely love this TP

I was looking for an upgrade to the seventh generation TP we were using.  It had to be organic but also bpa free.  This is so much softer, thicker and there is less dust and breakage at the first seam when unraveling and while the rolls are visually smaller, the tissue on the roll is more tightly bound so I never felt like I went through the roll any faster.  Please keep these in stock. Well worth the $.

               Kate-Customer Review from Amazon 

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