You Can Buy Jewelry Yes-But Have Some Fun And Make Your Next Piece

 Making homemade jewelry is not only fun but also a great way to get quality jewelry cheaply. You also get to try your creativity in creating something that is unique. You may find the start somehow challenging. However, it does not require any special skills to get going. Here are some tips on how to make a few common categories of jewelry. 

Making homemade necklaces

 There is a large number of pendants, charms, strings, wires, thread findings and beads in the market that come in different colors, shapes and aesthetic designs. It is good to have a variety to create varying jewelry pieces for wear in different occasions and with different attire.

Pendants are fixed on the threads to hang on the neck and most of them have a loop or a hole where you pass the thread. Those with small holes need a finding to put the thread in position.

 Jump rings are also popular necklace items. You can have one two or several of them hanging on your neck. The thread is set on top of beads using a jump ring. Other common items that you can use include a bail and loop as well as hanging drops. 

Make homemade earrings

Just like the necklaces, there is a wide variety of materials that you can use to make your rings. Common types of earrings are made of pendants or beads connected to an ear wire.

 The earwire go through the piercings on your ear. You can hang your beads and pendants at the bottom loop. There are also kidney wires that are formed close to the ear. If you love drop earrings, you can go for a stud and hook and attach on of your favorite bead drops.

 If you do not have pierced eyes and do not intend to pierce them, you can go for clip-on earring findings. Jump rings can then be added to help pendants hang freely. The important thing when making earrings is to determine whether the wire can go through the pendants or beads and require a finding to put it in place.

 Homemade bracelets

 You can make bracelets by the use of leather simple beads and wire or threading using elastic. Start by selecting the kinds of stones or beads that you will use for your bracelet then run an elastic band around your wrist to ascertain the diameter. Ensure that it is not too tight. You can run the elastic band through the holes in the beads or use findings to attach the beads together.

These are fun and creative earthy ways to express your personality as well as use raw materials to create unique items that you can wear that have a hint of bohemian style.

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