Why Should You Choose WHOLEROLL?

Do you know that most people have no idea that "98%" of bathroom tissue on retail shelves is made from full grown mature trees that manufacturers chop down. Think about it! Does it make sense to destroy trees to make disposable products?  Climate change is the  great challenge of our time. Trees absorb carbon out of the air.  So why cut them down?

Our mission is to create a sustainable bathroom tissue solution that's good for you and good for the environment. Here are three facts about WHOLEROLL.

WHOLEROLL is the World's First Envirofriendly Bathroom tissue Subscription Box with the global mission to help end deforestation and combat climate change. Our #1 goal is to save you money, save you time while also saving the environment.
Each roll is made with 100% high quality fiber 90% post and 10% pre-consumer paper and whitened with non-bleach materials. Each WHOLEROLL box will include a unique reusable bag to help offset the use of plastic bags, and a tree will be planted for each box purchased.
  • Box counts are in #8, #12, #16, #20, #24, #36 & #48
  • #500 sheet count, 2 ply and septic tank safe
  • Individually wrapped or #4 #8 #12 count packages in our “classic” world map green
  • 100% high quality recycled fiber-90% post consumer paper, 10% pre-consumer paper and we will also have a 100% bamboo paper or bamboo blend 
  • All packaging( including boxes, reusable bags, tissue wrap and the bathroom tissue) will be made from recycled content that is completely sustainable. 

WHOLEROLL is beautiful to display.  No need to hide this tissue under the counter from your guests.  We want you to be proud to display this tissue in your home, your Airbnb rental or guest house. It shows how much you value preserving the earth, and it just might encourage others to do the same. WHOLEROLL is beautiful for spas, hotels, vacation getaways or anywhere you want to have the perfect eco-friendly amenities for your guests.

  1. We will publicly provide stats and measured progress on the number of trees planted, trees saved from using our tissue and the impact it is having on the environment.
  2. We are the first company to incorporate a global initiative and mission with our bathroom tissue (Recycle10) to try and transition 10% of the global population from using virgin pulp tissue to our ecofriendly brand.
  3. We plant a tree for every subscription box of WHOLEROLL.
  4. We align as a business hub project with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to help end deforestation and combat climate change.
  5. Direct to consumer convenience
  6. Beautiful enough to display
So Join us. We are live on Indiegogo today. Help us take WHOLEROLL around the globe. We must live and practice sustainability now for a safe and greener future.

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