It is always great to look back and see how far you have come. When building a business or company sometimes you pivot.  What you thought would be your final product can actually be the beginning.  

Our initial plan with WHOLEROLL was to offer an individually wrapped product that we would promote as good for the environment. And it was.  We had each roll wrapped in green world map paper and launched and on Indiegogo to moderate success. We were taking WHOLEROLL around the globe. After much thought and pondering we felt that this was not our path.  We envisioned our products in stores all over the world, and we just didn't think individually wrapped would open the doors for us.



We chose to go with plastic because for one it is logistically the best option when you are dealing with bulky freight. I know some of our customers ask us why is it in plastic?  Well we chose a plastic that is very thick and can be reused, repurposed or recycled.  That was very important in our decision making because we didn't want to contradict the mission of preserving the environment and proceeding with packaging it in plastic that could harm the environment so we made sure that our plastic was part of the reuse, repurpose and recycle plan.

We are excited to say we have much interest from stores and are doing exceptionally well on Amazon all while promoting the use of an organic an environmentally friendly product.  

We still love our colorful green individually wrapped world map tissue, but we are even more proud to provide our organic bamboo tissue that is healthy on the skin and even better for the next generation.

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