WHOLEROLL Reusable Bamboo Cloth Paper Towels Is A Solution

Do you think paper towels is a waste? What if you saved up and gathered every last single one that you use in a month including the ones you get from fast food restaurants. I would venture to say you just might be surprised at the tremendous amount of waste that takes place when using paper towel.  Of course it is convenient, but so is plastic bags, paper cups, plastic forks and plastic plates but yet thousands upon millions of pounds are found in the oceans that are literally killing the sea life.

Well, let's just focus on one of the products. I believe if we have one single focus at a time that we can accomplish much. WHOLEROLL has a plan to launch their very own line of reusable bamboo cloth paper towels. Yes it will take some practice if you are a regular paper towel user to make the transition but your pocket and the environment will surely be happy you did.

WHOLEROLL Organic Bamboo Reusable Cloth Paper towels will be launched on Amazon in June of 2019. This bamboo cloth will be good for cleaning off the counters, bathroom tops, drying your hands, cleaning the dishes and so much more. They will simply be multipurpose, washable and of course reusable.

We are not the first to launch this similar product but we believe in preserving the environment and providing ecofriendly cost saving products that are good for the consumer and best for the next generation.  We thought it would be a great extension of the WHOLEROLL line of natural ecofriendly products.

We all know the benefits of bamboo that it is a grass and is much more easily replenished than trees that takes 20 years to grow to maturity. Plus we need trees to be the filter and absorber of the carbon out of the air. So bamboo cloth towels is the ecofriendly choice today.

One roll of WHOLEROLL Organic Reusable Bamboo Cloth Paper Towels is equal to 200 rolls of regular paper towel. Yes! 200 rolls of paper towels and its better for the environment and produces a lot less trash. Our rolls will be #20 sheets but are big enough to cut in half to where you could actually have #40 sheets. The rolls are biodegradable and antibacterial. We are happy to introduce this new product into the WHOLEROLL line of natural products. Our mission is to 'Earth Conscious and People Committed' in every product we produce. We always have today, tomorrow and the next generation in mind.  

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