WHOLEROLL Cares About the Next Generation

When we created WHOLEROLL, we knew that it was not just going to be another brand of toilet paper.  With so many brands out there, we really knew that we had to focus on a greater mission. Not only did we see the need to create a brand that could replace the wasteful and carbon solution killing tissues that were out there, we felt compassion to service the needs of the next generation.

WHOLEROLL Cares about the Next Generation

We care about the next generation's health and economic well-being.  We believe if every company, local business, countries and individuals take part in living and creating sustainable solutions, we can transfer a healthy and wholesome earth and economy to the next generation.


Benefits of WHOLEROLL

The global crisis requires a global solution that begins at home.  With WHOLEROLL, we hope that you partner with us by making a transition to a bathroom tissue that is chlorine free which is much healthier for you and a tissue that does not participate in deforestation. Our tissue is soft, organic, healthy and strong.  It is made for this generation.

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