What Plants are Great in the Bedroom to Help Induce Sleep?

Missing out on sleep has been proven to be disastrous for productivity, moods and in extension relationships. There are many several causes of poor sleep among them distractions, stress, and poor physical health. From time immemorial, plants have been used to improve sleep. This they do primarily by aromatherapy, which is healing by smell. The scents released by plants cause changes in the chemical hormones which soothes the brain and induces better sleep. Which are some of these plants that can help you sleep better?


The scent of lavender is very popular and can be found in soaps, diffusing oils and different beauty products. This plant has been shown to be soothing to babies and reduces stress to both mother and child for deeper sleep.

Lavender has also been shown to decrease Rapid Eye Movement (REM) in women, which signals deeper and longer sleep. If you can’t have potted lavender in your bedroom, you can opt for a lavender mask, or even lavender scented bedding.


This shrubby plant with pink or ivory blossoms has long been revered especially in Asia for its exotic scent. Jasmine has been shown to reduce anxiety levels making the mind more relaxed and bringing on sleep faster.

Aloe Vera

The Egyptians called it the Plant of Immortality. This hardy plant releases oxygen in high levels making your sleeping space have better air quality. High oxygen levels in a room has healthy benefits to the body as it is able to repair faster and get rid of toxins easier. AloeVera is also useful around the home as a soothing balm for cuts and abrasions.

Spider plant

Not many people know of the spider plant, but it is one of nature’s most potent air cleaners. Tests by space agency NASA showed that one plant can clear up to 90% formaldehyde from a standard sized room. This toxin and others are found around the home in fillers, grout and adhesives. Having this plant in your bedroom ensures that your air is toxin free and fresh.


 This plant has always been a popular for decorative purposes because of its beautiful flowers and evergreen leaves. It also releases a sweet scent that has been shown to be as good as valium in promoting sleep.


The root of this plant was prescribed as a tincture for insomnia in ancient Rome. The sweet scent released by the pink or white flowers of Valerian has been shown to induce sleep faster.

Have one or two of these potted plants in your bedroom and you will sleep better without taking pills or any medication.

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