What Items Do Green Moms Use with their Babies?

As a mom it is natural to be concerned about what your baby is chewing, eating or wearing. This is especially when one hears horror stories of contaminated baby formula napkins and so forth. High demand for baby products has made unscrupulous baby products makers to take short cuts and use harmful chemicals in these products for a quick buck. These products have a negative effect on the environment as well when disposed. What green products can a mom use on her baby?

Green Chewing products

Most teething products are made of plastics. While this is the right material for a baby to chew on, not all plastics are made safely. Look out for plastics that contain Bisphenol A(BPA), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and phthalates also known as plasticizers. You should also be on the lookout for chewing products that contain dyes. Pick a chewing/teething product made from 100% natural rubber and non-dyed. Products made of medical-grade silicone are also safe and non-toxic.

Green bedding

Babies spend a lot of time sleeping, so the sleeping space should be as comfortable and toxin free as possible. Organic cotton sheets are a bit pricey but are worth their price for the comfort and quality of sleep they offer. 

Green Feeding utensils

Using the wrong feeding bottles, spoons and plates can have a long-term effect on the growth of a child. This is if the items contain toxic components such as the aforementioned BPA. The AAP recommends that one look check for a “BPA-free” label when choosing these products.

Some mothers also apply nipple soothing creams and breastfeeding balms to lessen the irritation when breastfeeding. Remember these compounds can make their way into the baby when suckling. Instead of using these products, apply a little bit of avocado oil which is healthy for your skin and safe for the baby.

Green bath items

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that you keep it simple when bathing a very young baby. Plain warm water is adequate enough to wipe down the child.  Avoid lotions and shampoos with artificial fragrances or other chemicals. Baby wipes that contain a brew of artificial compounds should be avoided too. Watch out for alcohol, ammonia, bleach, fragrances and dyes on baby wipes.

It is easy to make friendly homemade baby oil using 100% natural products like olive oil, chamomile and calendula. These green ingredients are soothing on the baby’s skin and will keep the skin moisturized and supple. It is not always possible for everything to be 100% organic when it comes to baby care products, but you can ensure that the big percentage of what you use is safe for the baby and friendly to the environment.

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