What Fruits are Best for Glowing Skin?

The benefits of fruits for a healthy skin have long been known with people either eating fruits or applying them to the skin for healthier glowing skins. Fruits contain micronutrients and hydrating agents needed for skin growth, repair, and rejuvenation, but eating fruits has more than skin health benefits. The whole body benefits with better digestive and even mental functioning. Which are the top fruits for a beautiful glowing skin?


This is known as the king of fruits for a good reason. An average avocado is densely packed with nutrients, including Vitamins B7 and E. It also contains a compound known as Biotin which helps in skin cell growth and rejuvenation. This fruit is also rich in oils and fatty acids which are very useful in keeping the skin lubricated.  Avocado is also commonly applied directly on the skin especially in facial masks.


This fruit contains a compound known as papain, with very potent antioxidant properties. Papain helps in skin cell rejuvenation by breaking down dead cells and break down radicals caused by exposure to the sun and harsh chemical compounds in the environment.


This fruit is surprisingly rich in Vitamin C, higher than oranges and lemons. The kiwi has 98mg of ascorbic acid in every 100 gms while an orange has 54 mg of the same weight. Vitamin C is crucial in making collagen, which is one of the building blocks of skin cells. This keeps the skin looking fresh and supple. Vitamin C is also important for healing skin that has suffered sunburn.


This is another fruit that works from the inside as well as outside. Pineapple is rich in bromelain. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound that reduces skin damage from bacteria and other pathogens. It is also useful when the skin is healing from a wound. It breaks down dead skin cells for faster skin regrowth. Pineapples contain hydrating agents as well.


This fruit is very dense in antioxidants. It can help reverse skin damage by free radicals returning the skin to its youthful supple look. This fruit is also rich in punicic acid and ellagic acid. Drinking pomegranate juice is very hydrating and it keeps the skin soft and flexible.


Bananas are rich in vitamins A, B and E. These vitamins are hydrating agents maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Bananas are loaded with antioxidants which fight off wrinkles and blemishes.

The good thing about fruits is that you can eat them as they are, or make juice and add whatever nutritious additives you think are beneficial.

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