Ways We Can Be More Environmentally Friendly In Sports

You may have seen reports of green stadiums. That is not the only method through which sports persons, franchises, teams and management agencies are trying to make sports more eco-friendly in nature. Besides making efforts to save water, they have also embraced the go-green bandwagon through the efforts to increase recycling efforts, offset the travelling by starting green projects and using solar and wind energy among others. Here are several ways in which we can be more environmentally friendly in sports:

Use Green Cleaning Products

Sports uniforms tend to get incredibly dirty and hence use up a lot of water, energy and cleaning agents. To reduce the impact this has on the environment, use eco-friendly cleaning products and wash in cold water while also opting to line-dry in the sun as opposed to using a dryer all the time.

Use and Encourage Reusable Water Bottles

When playing sports, it is only natural to get rather thirsty and take water more often than usual as we are losing more through sweating. We should therefore be conscious of the impact plastic bottles make on the environment every time we buy bottled water and dispose it. Instead, we should get a reusable water bottle that we can use to carry water every time, refill and not dispose it off with every use. We should also encourage the use of such a bottle among the sports fraternity and teams across the board.

Take Homemade Snacks

To restore the energy used up in the course of playing, we often rush to buy snacks from the store which tend to create a lot of waste. Making homemade snacks instead and carrying them with us using a reusable container will help us reduce the amount of waste generated.

Reduce Carbon Footprint Due to Lots of Travel

Because sports events usually take place away from the home area as well, it is great to reduce the wastage of gasoline by opting for measures such as carpooling with other families, team members or friends to go watch a game or support one of your own. This saves time and gas as opposed to travelling separately.

Petition Sports Teams and Pro Sports Franchises

By making a case for environmentally friendly sports, we can petition sports, leagues, franchises and teams to implement energy efficiency measures, water efficiency projects such as water refill stations and water treatment plants, promoting increased recycling and to support their communities’ environmental programs.

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