Want to Recycle? Begin with this Mindset

The practice of seeking to reduce consumer waste by buying unpackaged, reusable, or recyclable products is known as precycling.

In simple terms, precycling is thinking about the amount of waste a product will produce before choosing and buying it. The objective of precycling is to choose products that have the least environmental impact.

Precycling is a preventive measure that looks to minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. You can practice Precycling by:

·        Buying in bulk to reduce packaging

·        Purchasing things with little to no packaging

·        Purchasing only those products that you are sure your local recycling facility accepts

·        Choosing quality durable items that will last for long periods of time

·        Supporting companies who print on or package with recycled materials

·        Choosing reusable over disposable items

·        Taking your own bags to the shopping mart

·        Making your own yogurt or bread, instead of buying packaged options

·        Reusing wrapping papers or wrapping gifts with things you have at home such as newspapers and fabric

·        Avoiding purchasing things that do not serve an important purpose in your life or things you don’t really need

·        Making sure that the things you own are useful items and not just “stuff”

It is important to remember that precycling is the first step in reducing waste. Reducing waste is of course the first and foremost step in the sustainability process.

Therefore, precycling is the first thing that should come to your mind when you hear people talk about sustainable living.

When shopping for groceries and gifts, you must keep the precycling concept in mind. Precycling will help you to reduce the waste coming in and going from your home

Recycling doesn't take a lot of extra time or effort. What it takes to recycle is a change in mindset toward the value of our natural resources, and understanding ways of conserving these resources.

When you're ready to commit to the recycling concept of "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle,” you must know that the very first steps is a change of mindset. Make sure you approach recycling with the mindset of preservation.

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