Try these 8 Recycled Home Decor Ideas that Make a Statement

Are you thinking about doing a home makeover and you are on a budget.  With a little ingenuity, you can use and add these recycle and reuse home décor ideas to your place and go from drab to fab without going deep into your pockets. Here are eight ways to spruce your home up.

Use Old Spoons and Forks as Cabinet Handles

Tired of those lousy cabinet handles that doesn’t add value to the beauty of your kitchen? Get a little creative with your old spoons and forks. Affix them on the cabinet or drawers to replace those wooden or brass handles.

Use Old China or Cups as Curtain Holders

Spruce up your window treatment by recycling old china or cups for original curtain holders. Make sure that you cut out the bottom part to create a sassy curtain holder. You can kick things up a notch by painting the cups with colors and patterns of your choice.

Use Old Suit Cases as Nightstands or Night-Tables

Take advantage of the classy allure of old suit cases. Stand a bunch of them to create a sizzling nightstand. They’ll  add a touch of sass, style, and flare to your bedroom. And, yes; you can still store some of your valuables in them.

Handmade Candle Holder from an Old Soup Serving Spoon

Nail or glue your old soup serving spoon onto a piece of painted wood. Whether hung indoors or outdoors, the handmade candle holder will sizzle up the interior look.

Recycled Sari Fabric Shower Curtain

A sari is one of the ancient forms of dress still in existent; its characteristic colors and intricate patterns make it stand out from other fabric dresses. Sew up several saris to come up with flamboyant yet colorful sari shower curtain. You’ll always get enchanted by the colors when you take a shower.

Decorative Bowl made out of Recycled Record

It might not be the heydays of vinyl anymore, but records can add some substances to the overall feel and look of your home décor. They can be turned into stepped or smooth decorative bowls.

T-Shirt Rug

Don’t throw away all those fancy tees you don’t wear anymore. These t-shirts can be cut and braided into a lovely rug. The tee colors will certainly provide the rug with an array of patterns.

Use Spoons as Key Hangers

Fold the spoon (or fork) beautiful and fix it on the wall to be used as key or hat hangers. You can also spray paint the metallic part with a color of your choice. There you have it! Now get started today and begin making your house a home with these simple small changes.

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