Tree Planting Serves Purpose

Ok so you planted a tree. That's it. Yes, that is the mindset of many people.  Everyday we all pass by thousands of trees and not once think of its value.  We simply just take them for granted.  Trees are so resourceful that without them the earth would and could not survive.  Why is this?  Trees are the ecosystem for so many animals. Animals live there. Source from them and take sustenance from them.

Tree planting and preserving our land

Many call forests our lungs. And Yes, they are the lungs of the earth. They are even more than that.  Trees help to absorb carbon emissions from the air and that keeps us from absorbing elevated amounts of carbon. God had a plan all along. Hey, let's not forget the tree was a vital part of the very beginning with Adam and Eve who were given the option of eating from the Tree of Knowledge. This allowed them to know both good and evil.  Sorry they did that though.

Save trees and choose bamboo

But trees can't be taken for granted. We can't continue to unnecessarily chop them down for disposable products and expect to maintain our beloved forestry. At WHOLEROLL we plant a tee for every package of WHOLEROLL purchased to be a part of restoring our land.  We do this in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.  So the next time you pass or see a tree, think about what that tree provides and symbolizes.  We can all plant a tree. Lets' preserve the Earth.  

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