These Plants Are Perfect in Your Bathroom

You can really put a plant just about anywhere in your home. Many people put them in the kitchen, the family room or living room but sometimes we can forget about the bathroom. Some plants are perfect for the bathroom because of all the moisture from running faucets, showers and baths.  Certain plants need consistent humidity to thrive.

Plants in the home are used as ambience or for decorative appeal. Most people place plants in the home to help keep purify and clean the air. Plants in the home in this case are really good for people with allergies and asthma symptoms because they need quality air.

So what kind of plants do you put in the bathroom. Lets take a look at a few.


The Aloe Vera plant is wonderful in the bathroom. It also has so many medicinal uses. Aloe Vera is a succulent plant species. This plant needs some sunlight but too much can cause it to burn. This is why the bathroom is a great candidate for the aloe vera plant because the bathroom usually has just a peek of light that's let in. This plant also does not need very much water so the humidity in the bathroom would be just perfect. A good place for this plant is close to a window but be sure not to put it directly in the light.


Bamboo can grow really tall so the best place for this plant is on the floor. Bamboo is some of the fastest growing plants in the world. Yes it needs to be on the floor. The coolness of bamboo is that you can control the shape and create your own special design. You can create a unique look using bamboo and this adds your personal originality to the bathroom.


How beautiful they are. This flower is graceful and peaceful looking that it will cheer up any bathroom. This plant has more than 20,000 species. They are considered ornamental plants. The orchids unfortunately are perennial herbs so they can only be enjoyed certain times of the year. They are elegant flowers that provide a great accent in a modern bathroom. White orchids tend to be the most popular.

So whether you choose the orchid, the bamboo plant or the aloe vera for your bathroom, they all have their own unique style that will help purify the air and add that special decorative appeal you desire.

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