Thanksgiving Dinner and Decorations the Organic Way

I will be honest with you right from the outset; Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I get to pull double duty – catch up with my family and stay on top of autumn decorations. For one, I am meticulous and I pay attention to details. I'm just that kind of a person. So I make sure that a banging job is done when it comes to Thanksgiving decorations especially the table-scape.

Here are my 8 ideas on how to decorate Thanksgiving dinner table and your home the organic way.

#1. Make your guests feel welcomed right at the front door

Most people make an excellent first impression by donning the front door with a wreath. But I love natural so I prefer to use elements found in my backyard. From raffia leaves to hay and pine cones, natural stuff in your yard can make for sizzling front-door Thanksgiving décor. Even better, you can recycle a wreath from the last Thanksgiving, but give it an organic touch with hay, acorns, raffia leaves, and other natural elements.

#2. Give Your Front Porch a Facelift with Organic Flare

I prefer a hay bale, but you can take it up a notch with gourds and pumpkins. Organic potted plants with brown, orange and rust foliage can also do just fine beside your porch.

#3. Use Veggies and Fruits Basket for your table centerpieces

Acorns, corn in the husk or squashes, blended with votives and candles can do wonders for your Thanksgiving dinner table. You can also incorporate a fruit basket teeming with organic edibles or use vegetables as an option as well.

#4. Decorate with leaves

Make sure that you use tough ones like Oak and Magnolia leaves. They can make for tantalizing coasters for your drinks.

#5 Garlands the Organic Way

Garlands can add a touch of style and elegance to your archways, front door, and balustrades. Wiry twigs or tree branches or grapevine can come in handy for garlands.

#6. Don’t forget fresh garden-flowers

Thanksgiving décor is never complete without the allure of fresh flowers. Try deep oranges reds, and yellows to spruce up the holiday mood. Incorporate pumpkins, apples, and other cheerful fruit to bring the Thanksgiving tone to the whole mix.

#7. Decorate fireplace mantle with tree branches

Don’t spend a single dime on fireplace decoration. Use tree limbs and branches to add pleasant tone and color to your fireplace mantle. Tuck in a few leaves, pumpkins, straw, and cranberries to bring the branches to life.

#8. Place Cards

Place cards the organic way? Try attaching nuts, acorns, or other festive organic products to place cards. They’ll find a great spot on each plate.

Congratulations! With these handy organic decorations tips, you can take your Thanksgiving holiday to the next level.

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