Surprise! 20 Things You Didn’t Know we Needed Trees For

Many people hardly ever think about trees when going about your daily activities. However, every day do you know you use hundreds of items that have a tree product in them. Trees produce wood     pulp, cellulose, and chemicals that are used in the manufacture of hundreds of different products you use in your daily activities. At WHOLEROLL, we believe in the preservation of trees as much as possible but when making disposable products trees, we believe trees should not be cut down because that is a total waste.  But products such medications, building homes or furniture those that has long lasting value, we find these more practical.  Here is a list of products that are made from trees.

1.    Latex gloves
Rubber comes from a sap tapped from the rubber tree which grows in tropical forests in Africa and Asia. Rubber is made from the sap of this tree known as latex. Rubber makes hundreds of products including erasers, gloves, and tubes and so on.

2.    Natural painkillers

Some trees have powerful medicinal properties. For example, the willow tree’s bark has powerful painkilling abilities it is sometimes called Nature’s Aspirin

3.    Acne cleanser

The willow tree is also used to clear acne. It contains salicylic acid that acts as a natural exfoliant clearing the skin pores.

4.    Wine corks

The corks on fine wines and champagne are made from tree bark of the cork oak tree.

5.    Sponges

Wood pulp is used to make natural sponges that are bio-degradable.

6.    Hair products

Hair products like jojoba oil and coconut oil come from trees that produce nuts from which these oils are extracted.

7.    Makeup remover

You can brew homemade makeup remover by mixing extract from the tea tree with canola oil.

8.    Fresh breath products

Mint is a natural product from the mint shrub tree. It is a base for many fresh breath products.

9.    Hair dye

Some trees produce natural dyes used in personal decoration and fabric dyeing.  Henna dye is a popular skin and hair dye.  There are many other trees that produce natural dye including the walnut tree.

10.    Chewing gum

Gum Arabic, comes from the sap of the gum Arabic tree, has long been a popular base for making chewing gum.

11.    Wax

The Carnauba tree‘s leaves is used to make natural wax. This natural wax is non-toxic and non-allergenic so used in candy, cosmetics deodorants, and dental floss and so on.

12.    Fireworks

Cellulose is an essential product in the manufacture of explosives for making fireworks.

13.    Game boards

Fine game boards for playing games like chess and monopoly are made of high-quality timber.

14.    Egg cartons

Heavy gauge paper made from wood pulp is used to make egg cartons.

15.    Imitation bacon

Cellulose is used in making of imitation bacon. This is made using tree fiber.

16.    Coffee filters

The coffee filter is made from wood pulp just as paper.

17.    Piano keys

Some pianos have carved wooden keys.

18.    Guitars

Pricey guitars are carved from wood.

19.    Muscle balm and some

20.    Disinfectants

It's amazing how we never think twice about a tree, but trees hold tremendous value to the health of humanity with the provision of so many resources and the livelihood of the entire ecosystem. Trees are also considered the lungs of the earth. They are the number one sequestrian of carbon out of the air. They are so resourceful and yet man doesn't even think twice them.  Next time you pass a tree, say think twice about it and say thanks!

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