Stop My Starbucks Oh No!

Coffee is the get up and go drink for a lot of people. Some people dare not even start the day without a cup of java or a trip daily to their neighborhood Starbucks. Have you ever thought about what that chemical called caffeine could actually being doing to your body early in the morning or even throughout the day. To the avid coffee drinker they will tell you it has absolutely zero affect on them and will never stop drinking. There are others who have sensitive nerves where just a little coffee maybe to much to handle and could throw their entire day off. There are some good benefits and some not so good benefits to drinking coffee. We are going to look at a few and you can see what is best for you. So what good can coffee do? Coffee believe it or not has antioxidants. Yes! Antioxidants have tons of benefits for the body. They fight free radicals and help boost your immunity. Both of these benefits are also great in defending against cancer.
Did you know coffee is good for people who have diabetes or are at risk of developing diabetes. One cup a day will lower your chances by up to 7% according to research. How about your physical performance? Do you know that coffee can boost your performance during workouts if you take a cup right before you begin. How does this happen? Coffee raises your adrenaline levels which helps you be more prepared to exercise. So those are all good, but coffee also has its downers as well. If you drink it late at night, coffee can cause insomnia and restlessness. If you don't want to look at the walls all night, you just might want to skip that cup of coffee. Caffeine is also super addictive. Once it becomes a regular habit for you, just stopping it cold turkey can result in withdrawal symptoms that will result in fatigue, headaches and you just might be a little grouchy, mean and irritable. What about this? A lot of people have no clue about this but did you know that too much coffee can also lead to weight gain. Oh yes, caffeine can cause blood sugar fluctuations which causes cravings. Plus we can't forget the tons of creams and sugar that some people put in their coffees that easily increases the calories per cup. But not too worry, as the saying goes, "Everything in moderation" and you will be just fine.


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