Start Your Toddlers Off Using Organic

Who do we design and create WHOLEROLL for? We design and manufacture WHOLEROLL for the entire family. Even though we know we are not the only toilet paper on the market we do consider our tissue to be among the premium. We say premium not out of superiority, but premium because of all the benefits WHOLEROLL has to offer.

We think it is important to instill morals and values into children at an early age.  There is no exception to this even when it comes to the kind of products that you use.  Children pick up the habits of the parents very early in life.  That's why we think introducing a bathroom tissue that s good for the environment and healthy on the skin is the best choice for your toddler.


Moms have to choose on a daily basis what the family will eat, what the children will wear and what items are needed in the household.  Yes, men do the same but women tend to mostly be responsible for these tasks.


If you haven't transition to organic products, why not invest in all natural ecofriendly products that are good for your health and are great for the environment.  When you do this you are investing in your families health and their economic future because being responsible to the earth and environment is an economic decision.  Why not choose WHOLEROLL and start your toddler off knowing what's best.

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