Starbucks, This Might Even Be Better Than Your Coffee

Please tell me who does not love a good cup of coffee in the morning or that afternoon latte topped with whip cream. Well Starbucks has done it again. This time though its not about coffee. It is about their new sustainable building they just recently built in Taiwan. And here is what we love about it so much. Their store was constructed entirely from 29 recycled shipping containers. We created a post about a year and a half ago about how people are using containers to build small homes. But boy we sure didn't think a company like Starbucks would create a store completely out of it.

This is not their only store they have in mind to be designed like this. This 3444 square foot store which was designed by architect Kengo Kuma is a part of their expansion plan to build even more sustainable stores. This is recycling at its best. This is taking recycling to a whole new level that the world can imitate. This is a good thing.

According to a Starbucks press release, "From one end of the container, customers can enjoy views of this beautiful mountain range. The other end is decorated with graphics that tell coffee stories."  Is that not cool or what. This Starbucks design may not look very cozy from the outside, but it is filled with skylights that allows an abundance of light to shine in.

This store is completely built from storage containers, but this is not Starbuck's first attempt to use storage containers in other stores. In fact they have over 40 locations worldwide using the shipping container as its primary building block.

Starbucks has incorporated corporate sustainability in more ways than one. They use recycled paper products and they plant trees for every bag of coffee purchased. They are no doubt setting a standard on how corporations should participate in sustainability.

Hats off to Starbucks for designing a beautiful sustainable green building that is in fact a work of art. Thank you for showing the world that you believe in investing in the earth by reusing, recycling and repurposing because it matters.   

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