Sorry, Cranberries Don't Cure Urinary Tract Infections But They Are Good For This

Ok, for so many years women have been made to believe that cranberries will cure or prevent urinary tract infections. Where that idea came from who knows. But not to rain on anyone's parade, cranberries do have some pretty good benefits and we are going to take a look at a few.

1 )Fiberful-(If that's a word)

Oh yes, cranberries have plenty of fiber. In fact one cup of cranberries contains 16 percent of your recommended daily allowance of fiber. Who would have thought that. Most of the time when you think of fruits or vegetables with fiber, you think of those leafy greens. Well count of some cranberries to meet your daily need of fiber. It will help keep down the hunger and keep your digestive tract on the move.

2)Keep the colds away

Well, it's not just apples and oranges that do this I see. Of course, we all know how important Vitamin C is to our health and especially our immune health. Well go figure this.  One cup of cranberries has about 19 percent of your recommended daily allowance. So during the flu and cold season, make sure you load up on cranberries.

3) Loaded with antioxidants

So we all know that antioxidants are great for cleaning your system and helping to get rid of unwanted toxins from the body. Cranberries contain polyphenolics and isoprenoids. These substances are excellent in helping to prevent cancer. Anyone experiencing any crisis that is cancer related can benefit from cranberries.

4)Keep Your Digestive Tract Moving

So if you have issues with your bowels moving properly, you may want to grab you some cranberries.  As we mentioned earlier, they are chock full of fiber that aids in the digestive process. Not only that, the fiber in cranberries has a type of prebiotic component that feeds your gut bacteria and enable them to thrive.

5)Keep Blood Sugar in Check

Ok, so cranberries aren't the sweetest fruit out there. In fact it is actually one of the lowest-sugar type fruits. So consuming quite a bit will definitely not give you a sugar high. Cranberries contain manganese and manganese has been found to control blood sugar levels. So if you have Type II diabetes, then cranberries should be your go to fruit.

So no cranberries don't cure urinary tract infections, but with all of it's other benefits you are sure to feel better if any of these conditions mentioned have you out of whack. And because of it's antioxidant effect, anyone with a urinary tract infection may not be cured but it will sure aid in getting rid of toxins. So head on down to your local farmers market and get some cranberries to get your day started off right and your health in check.  

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