Simple Things You Can Do at Home to Make it Green

People often hear about environmental friendly ways but they don’t think that the simple things they do at home are the first steps towards creating an eco-friendly environment. People aren’t willing to change their habits with the aim of saving the environment, unless they see the benefits that come with it. Most people have the perception that an eco-friendly home is one that is built with modern high tech features; nonetheless, an eco-home is all about the materials used to build it and how natural resources are used in it. Saving energy is one of the ways of making your home eco-friendly and the benefits are seen in the reduction of electricity bills. If we are to achieve eco-homeswe need to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible.

To help you make a start, here are some of the approaches you can take:

·         Buy furniture made from recycled materials

Instead of buying newly made furniture, you should go for the recycled ones since it’s not only inexpensive, but is more eco-friendly. The main reason is that when new furniture is made, trees have to be cut down, but recycled furniture is a continual use of the same wood.

·         Invest in solar energy

The initial cost of the installation of solar system panels is high, but it has significant benefits to the environment and saves you a lot of money. Additionally, you can also use the energy in your home instead of the other carbon exhaustive and expensive sources of energy.

·         Monitor your electricity consumption

The consumption of electricity in most homes is high and if only people were able to monitor their electricity usage via digital displays, then they would come up with ways of reducing the wasteful usage.

·         Replace showers with water saving shower heads

Showers waste a lot of water that can be used for other purposes. An aerated showerhead saves energy and water compared to a power shower. In addition, don’t spend too much time in the bathroom; take a maximum of 10 minutes.

·         Use locally sourced materials when building

Building materials that are outsourced from other countries have to be transported over long distances before they reach their destination. The fuels released during transportation result in  environmental pollution when compared to locally sourced materials due to short transportation distances.

·         Use water based paints with natural pigments

Most people don’t know the impact paint has to the environment. Oil based paints are less energy efficient hence they have a negative impact on the environment. Water based paints which are mixed with natural pigment equally bring out the same level of aesthetics as the oil based paints and should be used instead.

Simply your living with simple ecofriendly habits that can will be sustainable and profitable to you and the environment.

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