Say What? Trees Can Cure Anxiety -- Really?

OK, tell me who doesn't enjoy a beautiful sunny day where you can walk outside and soak up the sun. Well there is more it than simply soaking up the sun. Science has determined that the great outdoors can really lift your spirits if you are mentally drained. So why is nature and a walk in the park so good for you?

The Japanese culture has phrased a term for this. It is called 'shinrin-yoku. This term means to 'bathe in the environment of the forest' while using every sense that you have. The author to term this phrase was Professor Yoshifumi Miyazaki. He states, "Simply by smelling or touching pieces of pine, oak or Japanese cypress wood, subjects experience a calming of prefrontal brain activity, a reduction in sympathetic nerve activity and a rise in parasympathetic nerve activity - all of which amounts to a reduction in stress." So are there trees that he is specifically talking about? Sure there are many but here are some trees proven to provide these benefits.


Cedarwood has been around for quite a while. It has a forestry and woody scent that is very calming. It relaxes the mind and completely calms the entire body. It is known to help increase ones vitality and provides an overall feeling of wellness. It is good for balancing the hormones. This sounds like an excellent organic remedy for women going through menopause.


This tree is minty. If you have thoughts that are unclear or if you experience a brain fog, this tree has the properties to help promote clarity of thought as well as reduce tension.  It is also used as a purifier.  It has purifying properties that promote skin health as well as aid in clearing of the airways. When used as an oil, it is great for massaging.


The douglas fir is woody and fresh. Many people have moments where there concentration seems to get out of sorts. It can be due to a cumbersome schedule, hormones or simply a chemical imbalance in the brain. The tree in its oil form helps to promote and increase your focus and helps to keep or put you in a good mood. The oil from the douglas fir is also good for the skin as well.


This tree has a strong piney smell. It also has a balsamic scent that spews from its branches. It is excellent for those who are often anxious. It soothes anxiety and helps to relax and calm the emotions. Millions of people are dealing with anxiety all over the world and many result to prescription medications which can be very habit forming. This tree contains high levels of bornyl acetate and this compound is known to promote and help you relax naturally.

Many people use essential oils for relaxations. But where do these oils come from. They are derivatives and roots of trees. Trees have so many uses and are one of if not the greatest natural resource of mankind. Trees absorb carbon out of the air, provides an ecosystem for certain habitat, provides food, shelter, shade, furniture and more. Nature is a divine place of healing. Nothing is out of balance when left to the grandeur of its creation. Many people are aware of the every day resources that trees provide, but very few understand the healing power they contain that will help balance the emotional and psychological makeup of man. So take a walk today through a park or a forest and experience nature at its best.  

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