Revitalize Your Closet with These Great Ideas

Have you ever opened your closet and it just usurps all your energy and exuberance? Well, us too!  We’ve all reached that point when our wardrobe is simply uninspiring. When that happens, it’s about time you revitalize your closet – give it a revamp.

Here are nifty tricks and ideas that are poised to help you revitalize your closet without much hassle. When you incorporate these tips, you will be glad you did.

Of course, it pains to let go of that sweater you thought you'd wear someday, but it has been five years of not wearing it. Take stock of your closet content, and get rid of items that you don’t use. The rule of thumb is that if an outfit or accessory hasn’t been used for the past 12 months or so, it has to go! But! don’t throw away your grandmas vintage earrings.

Rotate Your Clothing

That “I have nothing to wear today” could be a surefire sign that you have too many items in your closet. If you cannot purge them, rotate your clothing. In other words, store winter clothing during summer. And tuck away summer items in winter. It’ll ensure that your wardrobe is fresh and on-point.

Retouch your “old” Items

Those clothes you’ve had the longest could use a little facelift. It could be anything from replacing missing buttons to having them dry cleaned or anything in-between.

Use non-slip and thin hangers

Sure, wooden hangers look fabulous in your closets. But, when it comes revitalizing your wardrobe, slim and non-slip hangers will do the trick. After all, you need to save space, save time, and save, save, save….you get my drift?

Organize the Library Style

Start off by organizing each dedicated space in your closet – the corners, the shelves, and so forth and commit each category to one item. If it’s jeans, let it be jeans alone. Same goes for folded sweats and other clothing items.

Don’t store shoes with clothes

I find it somewhat laughable that some people cram shoes with clothes. The last thing you want is your outfit smelling like feet in a meeting with your big client. Don't do that!

Avoid anti-moth chemicals

Naphthalene stinks and can make you hate your closet. You don’t need it unless your wardrobe is misty – then you have a bigger issue at hand. Otherwise, keep garments chemical free and separate from leathers.

Reuse, reduce, and recycle

Of course and of course you must reuse, reduce and recycle. I’ve touched on this a little above. If you don’t need something, reduce. Reuse old jeans, sweaters, and other garments to refresh your style, but definitely get rid of that shirt with the hole and stain. You can also retouch some old items – re-tailor, dry clean, replace buttons, and so much more. Happy Organizing!

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