Recycle those Cans Man

"Why just throw away those cans when you “can” reinvent, repurpose and recycle them man!"

Your beer, soda or can good has much more to offer than just your favorite spirit, food or drink. Here are some amusing and creative ways you can recycle and repurpose them to add value to your home and preserve the environment. 

  • Can Pots- why not give a cool touch to your garden by making your own can herb pots
  • Can ornaments- the can tab could be an inspiration to an aspiring jewelry designer with its potential to be a grunge earring or bracelet and pendant.
  • Can ashtray- Cut the can in half and use the end part as ashtray next time you are calling over your buddies for party.
  • Can holder- Deck up the can body in colorful paper or artwork and you have your sturdy pen holder ready to use at your fingertips.

Let's recycle, reduce and reuse.  It matters.

And that's a Wrap! 

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