The Quality of Your Toilet Paper Should Definitely Matter

In keeping with our weekly or bi-weekly analyzing of our Amazon Reviews, we are pleased to share a positive this week. Yeaaaa.... Now we do have four stars so our positive reviews will definitely outweigh our negative ones. Needless to say, we have found that the consumer can learn something from both.

 Quality like the Iphone and WHOLEROLL


This past week we received a review that simply stated one word and it was....'Quality!'-Amazon Customer Review. We do believe in the saying 'less is more.' And this review definitely says more. Any and every product wants to be a product of quality.  Quality is lasting and enduring. Quality is giving your best to the customer. Quality is what the customer pays for and often times will expense in order to receive it.  Quality defines a company.  Just think of Apple.  What is it known for.  It is known for simplicity and quality.  People will pay for quality because it has value and they are getting their money's worth.


We are very proud to say that WHOLEROLL is a premium product that has both environmental value but also health value.  Our tissue feel like premium cotton.  It has a raised side that is like a linen texture.  This is the raw natural nature of bamboo coupled with our unique design and pattern.  We would not offer you anything less and we are so glad our customers see the value in their purchase.

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