Organic Solutions to Help You Lose Those Extra Pounds

It is perfectly possible to lose weight by natural methods alone. Some people trying to lose weight quickly are misled into taking dodgy supplements and pills. This can do more damage than good  including uneven fat distribution or serious kidney and liver problems. Losing weight naturally leaves your body well-proportioned and helps you achieve optimal metabolic rates for sustained weight loss results. Here are the top 5 ways to lose weight naturally?


The basic formula of losing weight is that you need to use up more calories than you are taking in. This creates a deficiency that is filled up by burning body fat. Physical exercise is very good in enabling this.

There are many ways to exercize It can be as simple as jogging or swimming where all you need is to move your body weight to make your muscles work harder. You can also use weights to push your body harder. 

Not all exercise is equal, you burn more calories while doing bumpees than while jogging at a steady pace. The best way to get the maximum weight loss from exercise is to have a physician draw up an exercise routine that has a mix of exercises to work out your whole body consistently.

Low carb diet

Carbohydrates are the energy giving foods as they are packed with the sugars needed in producing calories. If you are taking in more carbs than your body requires, they are stored as fat. A low carb diet involves taking in higher portions of proteins and fiber. 

Cut out foods such as French fries and pastries which have high sugar levels. Reducing the intake of sugary drinks like soda lowers you carb intake as well.

Good sleep

Sleeping well gives your body the relief needed for muscle repair such that they are working optimally the next day. You will feel less fatigued and have lower urge to snack more.  Sleeping 6-8 hours will leave you refreshed and energized for a morning run or other exercises.

Intermittent fasting

Unlike self-starvation where you reduce the amount taken in drastically, intermittent fasting is skipping some meals in a healthy way to reduce your calorie intake going for longer periods in-between meals. Your body learns to operate on lower calories which helps restrict your calorie intake naturally.

Mindful eating

This is eating with more awareness of what you are taking in. Instead of unhealthy snacking like having a bagel, for example, you can munch on a handful of peanuts. You also learn to eat more slowly savoring your food’s taste to make eating a more pleasurable experience.

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