Organic Products Are Important to Moms

We live in a time where moms are very aware of all the different additives and preservatives that are being put in foods and other products. The millennial generation has dominated the organic craze and have chosen to bring healthy foods, cruelty free products and natural products into the home.

You can walk down any baby isle in the grocery store today and you will see 90% of the food products are organic. Why is this? This generation is more knowledgeable about what they want to put in their children's bodies and on their bodies.  They have more knowledge about different natural products and how they are safer to use in the home.


As we began to develop WHOLEROLL, we kept the moms in mind. We know dads use toilet paper but 85% of women purchase the consumer staples for the home. We did a survey with a group of moms and in the survey we found that moms were more concerned about finding products that were healthy and good for the entire household than they were about the dollar amount. 

WHOLEROLL is a family product designed for the entire family. From the potty- trained toddler all the way to grandpa, our goal is to provide you with the best natural and organic solution in toilet paper.

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