Oh No, Not Yogurt

Uh oh! There is a new study out that says yogurt products which have always been perceived as a healthy food just might have as much sugar as a soda. Who would have thought. The claim also states that the organic choices could be one of the worst offenders. Oh really!

For so many years yogurt has been the go to staple for so many health conscious eaters. Yogurts are highly nutritious and have great benefits for your health. Regular consumption is linked to better digestive health and some even think that it aids in weight loss. Yogurt have the good bacteria that keeps the digestive system regulated. It is also a good source of iron, vitamin d and iodine.

Unfortunately there is a new study that has warned that yogurts may contain high levels of sugar and especially the yogurts that are marketed to small children. This product can be a part of the childhood obesity crisis and tooth decay crisis if consumers don't take a stand and monitor as well as request better more healthier brands of yogurt for their children.


According to researchers from the University of Leeds as well as the University of Surrey in the UK, they showed that the organic yogurts were among the worst.  The analysis showed that the average sugar content of products in all categories was well above 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams threshold. The study also found that almost none of the children's yogurts qualified as low sugar.

With childhood obesity on the rise this can be concerning for children and parents. We all know that yogurt is a much better choice than a soft drink, but we must not allow products that we perceive to be healthy be a part of the problem. Parents must always read the labels of products to determine how much sugar is actually in the product. One researcher stated, "This is particularly true of the organic yogurts analyzed.  While the organic label refers to production, the well-documented 'health-halo effect' means that consumers most often underestimate the caloric content and perceive the nutritional contents of organic products, including yogurts, more favorably."

This is a lesson learned when making any food choice. Yogurt or otherwise, we must always read the label to know what is in it. I don't think yogurt is going anywhere no time soon though.

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