Oh its Too Tight in Here! -5 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

The bathroom is the smallest room in most homes. I’m sure like everyone, you probably wish your bathroom could be much bigger. Many beautiful homes have gigantic luxurious bathrooms you could only dream of. Most people don’t have the fortune to live in luxurious homes but they can take a small bathroom and make it look bigger. Adding extra square footage to your bathroom is not always the solution always.  There are other options available. Don't worry. We  have you covered on that. With our bathroom organization tips, you can easily make your small bathroom look bigger. Yes, it’s possible. You master the following tips.

Keep the same color tone on everything

Keeping the same color tone on everything will make your bathroom look bigger. For example, light colored walls do not go well with a dark colored ceiling. It will make your bathroom look relatively small. White on the other hand is the best color to use in your bathroom as it makes everything look bigger. This is the reason why most of the bathroom accessories are white in most places. Keeping a monotone flair also helps the overall space look well matched and larger.

Blend the tiles well

Keeping the same colored walls and ceiling can work wonders. Similarly, the color of the tiles should blend well with the ceiling and wall color. For example, the tile in the shower should go all the way to the ceiling. As well, around the bathtub. This will give your bathroom a high quality expensive open look.

Install a bigger and clear mirror

Using a clear mirror will not be a visual barrier as compared to a textured mirror. Furthermore, a bigger mirror that reaches up to the ceiling can make your bathroom look massive. A larger mirror coupled with lighting and candles can also make the overall space look bigger. Also, the more the mirror reflects the more visual space it gives to the bathroom.

Let natural light get in

Lighting can make a real impact in any corner of the house, especially the bathroom. Covered windows might give you extra privacy, but you lose the feel  of the early morning sunshine. You can use transparent shades if you must cover your windows. Also, the overall lighting in your bathroom should be bright. This way, your smaller bathroom will look bigger with much less effort.

Use the space smartly

Bathrooms usually have very limited space so using that space efficiently can make your bathroom look wide open and spacey. For example, installing your cabinet into the wall will save space and give an organized look. Similarly, a floating vanity will not only give you more space to store your essentials, but it will also give open space underneath it. Having said that, using a smaller cabinet, vanity and bathtub will make your bathroom look bigger with more open space. Also, expanding the ceiling by using a light colored paint design can too make the ceiling have more visual space than it actually has.
Using these bathroom organization tips can make your small bathroom take on a whole new and open look. You can make these changes without breaking your budget or with much less effort than a redesign.

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