My Garage is A Mess, Here are 7 Things you can Reuse and Recycle From It

According to research conducted by fellows at UCLA, 75% of garages in American are too full even to accommodate a car. That in and of itself isn’t surprising at all. It’s no big secret Americans loves to shop.

The problem is that the garage becomes a clutter mess from the overabundance of stuff. Well, did you know you can recycle and reuse some of the items in your garage to declutter your life? Here’s a list of 7 things you can start with.

#1. Automotive Fluids and Motor Oils

If you happen to have old motor oil or automotive fluids you drained from your vehicle, you need to recycle them. Lucky for you, several auto shops across the nation will help your recycle the oils such as antifreeze or transmission fluid.

#2. Bikes

Bicycles usually last a long time. However, your little one can outgrow them. Some even break down. When that happens, you can quickly get the bicycle repaired. For unused bicycles that are still in usable condition in your garage they can be auctioned off or donated.

Dilapidated or completely broken down bikes can also be recycled. Take off the tubes and tires, and drop the frame off at the nearest scrap shop. If you’re lucky, you can get a few bucks for the scrap.

#3. Old Cabinets

From kitchen cabinets to office cabinets, you can repurpose them as nightstands. Just apply a new coat to match your bedroom décor.

#4. Old Furniture

We all like to tuck away old furniture in our garages. Repair or refinish them rather than throwing them out. You can also repurpose old furniture. You can hang drawers to create fabulous shadowboxes, shelves, and bulletin boards. Better yet, disassemble the furniture and reuse the wood.
#5. Broke Dishes

If you have any chipped or broken china in your garage, you can use them to re-tile flower pots, outdoor tables, pathways, and so forth. They can also be reused as key fobs. You can also plant small flowers or plants in old mugs.

#6. Power Tools

From mowers to chainsaws and every tool in-between, power tools are easily reusable. If you no longer use one, you can donate it to someone who can make good use of it. Broken power tools are easily repairable.

#7. Towels, Clothing, and Beddings

Don’t throw them out. Instead, you can cut towels into washable cleaning clothes or rags. You can also upcycle old clothes from torn flannels to old shirts and sweaters, all these items are reusable and recyclable that can be given to a nonprofit such as a Goodwill or they can be patterned to make a unique piece of clothing such as a scarf and or a quilt.

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