Makeup Recycling Tips for the Spring

Makeup is honestly a part of most women's everyday lives. We usually end with bottles of lotions, jellies, and foundations in our closets that we do not need. What can you do about not being so wasteful with your makeup containers. Here are some brilliant ideas for recycling makeup containers.

 Check if the manufacturer has a recycling program

 Some of the high-end personal care firms such as Aveda, Origins, and MAC have recycling programs. Most of these firms give you a discount for taking steps to bring your makeup for recycling. You can make use of this program to get good deals and keep the environment clean.

Recycle the bigger containers

Those shampoo containers and big sized lotion containers can be used at home as storage containers or to hold soil for potted plants. Using them is as easy as cleaning the containers and cutting the top if you intend to use them for planting.

Send caps to Caps-n-cups

Most of the recycling programs across America do not accept hard caps because they are hard to recycle. Virtually, every personal care product has a hard cap. Instead of throwing them into the landfill, send the caps to Caps-n-cups for recycling. This firm collects large numbers of caps and recycles them.

Clean the containers before putting them into the trash bins

 If there is no other way of recycling the containers, clean them before you dispose of them into the trash box. This prevents the chemicals from spreading out. If the container cannot be cleaned, put the containers in a paper sack and tie a knot. The recycling companies will take care of the cleaning.

Use the mail-in recycling programs

A number of companies such as Garnier and TerraCycle accept cosmetic containers for recycling. You can mail any container whether made of plastic or glass. You can visit their site to find out how their programs work. Think refillable makeup pans rather than buy new makeup in new containers, You may consider refillable makeup pans such those from Smashbox, Mary Kay, Sephora, and Tarte. Whenever you run out of makeup, you simply take your container to the nearest refilling center and have it refilled at low prices. You avoid waste and save on the cost of the makeup.

Start recycling your makeup containers today. They may seem small in size. However, considering that each woman has a number of these containers, it is a lot of waste by the end of the day. Recycling them helps you play your part in keeping the environment green.

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