Lint Free And Compact for Easy Storage

Well, it is review time.  We said that we would periodically share a review with you whether they were good or bad.  We are not going to be bias. Our intent is to bring clarity and understanding of what we have to offer that we believe will be beneficial to you.

On January 11, 2019, Rea said, "Good product and tightly wound and compact for easy storage.  Feels good, no lint Yes!" Needless to say we were very happy about this review.  We were happy for another reason as well.  When a customer shares how it benefits them, that is authentic information that a person who is potentially considering purchasing our product can most definitely use.

For instance, if there is a customer who does not like bulky packaging and has no where to put a gigantic package of toilet paper, this would be quite useful information.  Also, if their is a customer who may have been having some discomfort due to the shedding of their toilet paper and they need a lint free toilet paper this information would be invaluable to them.


Needless to say, we are very proud to create a product that is not deceiving.  Our rolls are not puffed up and huge to make it appear that there is more tissue than there really is. Our rolls are smaller not because there is less tissue (in fact there is probably more than some of the larger rolls), but for the purpose of being efficient and convenient to the consumer.  Saving space is responsible and having a lint free tissue that is organic that will be healthy for the consumer is what we are here to do.

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