Letrece Harris Asks A Question? Can We Just Begin Today? Can We?

As a climate reality leader I have come to understand the implications and causation of the climate crisis. So many people are oblivious to the impact because it is not an immediate visible crisis situation. It is not something readily seen and there is no sense of urgency unless it is through catastrophe and then it still needs to be explained. But we all must educate ourselves on the importance of having a low carbon footprint. We must understand that your everyday habits contribute to the crisis. How can it be a crisis and many don't understand or even believe?

We must look around and observe the many changes that are taking place in the world. Everything is not on social media. We must become aware of our surroundings and that includes environmental issues and problems that we so often don't even think twice about.  Oh its just a tree, a bush, a road; No nature is vital to the survival of mankind and the ecosystem that resides within it. 90% of what you own in your home comes from some material resource that came from the earth.  Why is it important? We only have one earth.  We don't get a second chance if we carelessly destroy the wonderful gift of life and the earth's contents. We have been made stewards of the earth and we are not doing our part.

What can be done to help the next generation who will feel the greatest economic impact of the neglect that prior generations has brought upon it?  If you have children or relatives or you know anyone that may be ten years younger than you, then you owe it to them to be a good steward.  You owe it to them to be someone who recycles. You owe it to them to repurpose and to have as little waste as possible. You owe it to them to pass on a better inheritance than what you received.

What does it take? It takes commitment, education, empowerment, corporate and government responsibility. And really, it all actually begins in the homes and the local communities where the people are. If you love this country and you say you love this earth that we have been so blessed with, I believe it is not too late to make a difference. Can we just begin today?

Letrece Harris
Al Gore Climate Reality Leader

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