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Vegetables and greens are crucial to our diet. Why are they so important to have? We need vegetables in our diets because they are key for our overall wellbeing; especially in growing children. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential to our diet and for added vitality to the health and maintenance of our bodies.

Unfortunately, these foods which are so good for us aren’t particularly tasty on their own, especially to children. Which often ends up making them apprehensive about trying them at all. “It’s bitter mommy” I can imagine one crying out. Their taste buds won’t just pardon it. But what if we had ways to go around that?

To make vegetables taste good... irresistibly good. Wouldn’t you think the kids would want it more than ever then? Of course. Kids like tasty food, most times regardless of the contents. And well enough, I’ve put together three genius ways to integrate vegetables into your kids diets in the most delectable ways yet!

Veggie smoothies Kids love smoothies.

It’s no doubt a fact that this is the perfect way to incorporate vegetables into their meals in an inventive way - their beverages. Some vegetables go great with fruits when the goal is to make a smoothie. Greens like kale, spinach, mint, even carrots are ideal for vegetable smoothies. A quick and easy one you can try out is mixing together milk, bananas, cocoa powder, spinach and a heap of peanut butter. Pro tip - frozen fruit works better for smoothies, they produce a thicker texture too.

Veggie Stir fry Stir fry

Another great and absolutely delicious way for vegetables to be included in the kids’ diet is a stir fry. Remember the whole idea behind why they don’t get too excited about veggies is because of the way they taste right? Stir fry literally solves that bland vegetable taste problem. Stir frying involves frying a variety of vegetables and other ingredients in hot oil on a pan, all the while keeping them sauteed and stirred. It’s no doubt that the kids might not even realize that they’re eating vegetables all because of how good it tastes. Try serving your stir fry beef and veggies as a sauce to go with rice, or better yet, you can build on the sauce again and add some spaghetti into the mix. Yes, spaghetti. Adding vegetable stir fry as a side to their favourite meals could also be a great move for winning them over.

Dressings and dip

Introducing vegetables to kids, they may find it unbearable to have especially when served as salads. They aren’t exactly sweet or tasty on their own to  adults, so imagine how it is for the kids. There’s a rather easy solution to this though... Salad dressings and dipping sauces. Dressings can range anywhere from classic vinaigrette (an olive oil-based dressing) to Heinz’s salad cream. They’re rather easy to find in any grocery store and the flavors are plentiful. Kick in some added taste to your kids’ salads with dressings containing some of their preferred tastes e.g. a mango or citrus salad dressing. A classic vinaigrette is the easiest dressing to go for, you just mix olive oil with anything acidic of your choice e.g lemons. You can also add some herbs and spices for better taste. Get creative with it! Sauces are great for dipping vegetables. I find with the rather tougher vegetables like carrots and broccolis, kids would rather have some sort of dip to add to the taste. Ketchup, barbecue sauce, guacamole, whatever the case may be with your child; introduce them to different sauces and dips and find which works best for them.

There you have it, three quick and easy ways to get your kids to embrace vegetables into their diets. Ways that could seamlessly become staples in the house. Also, remember to lead by example. Kids learn by watching and copying what they see. Seeing how much mommy loves her delicious healthy vegetables will most likely inspire them to try to do the same.


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