It's More Than Just Toilet Paper

Sometimes in life you think you will end up one way and you actually end up on another journey.  Sometimes these pivots are not always understood.  It takes time for them to be revealed.  So it is with the WHOLEROLL story.

WHOLEROLL started as an idea for a patent pending product that would provide more convenience for the consumer. We created a prototype of  a tissue roll that was going to be an all-in-one spindle and tissue roll together.  All you had to do was pop it in and pop it out.  We thought that would be easy enough to get all the dads to change the toilet paper rolls. Sorry dads.  So we set out to develop this patent pending product.

In the development process we learned that WHOLEROLL was so much more than just a product of convenience. In fact, it was not about convenience at all. It was something so much bigger. We needed to create a bathroom tissue that wasn't made from cut down trees and did not contain chlorine.  We had learned and found out that 98% of the tissue on bathroom shelves and retail shelves were made of trees. Trees are so important in the fight against climate change. Trees absorb carbon emissions and they are considered the lungs of the earth.

So, bamboo became our resource of inspiration. Bamboo has so many awesome qualities. One it is very soft and soft is extremely important in the toilet paper business. No one and I mean no one will use it even if it is good for the environment if it's not soft. So being soft was a plus. Bamboo is also strong and contains antibacterial properties and antifungal properties. Those qualities alone sets bamboo above the rest. No trees cut down, no chlorine used to whiten and bamboo grows 20x's faster than trees. This was it. This was the new resource we were going to use to help transform the toilet paper business from participating in deforestation and giving the consumer a more healthy organic alternative that did not contain chlorine.

WHOLEROLL partners with The Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees. We began this partnership long before we ever sold a product because that is the foundation of who we are. We care about the earth, trees and the future of the next generation. Products today must not only be useful but they must involve purpose greater than the product itself. Ecofriendly products once considered a luxury are now a must. In order to help combat the global climate crisis, every household can take part by using sustainable products that are healthy for the consumer and good for the planet.    

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