I Bet You Didn't Know You Could Recycle These

Recycling is taking the useful elements of an item that is no longer useful and using these elements (parts) to make something else useful. Using old newspapers to make paper towels is an example of recycling paper. There are many everyday items you can recycle and help make the world a greener place by reducing raw materials needed to make new items.  There are thousands of items that can be recycled. Here are a few you know and some you may not know.


Fabric can be used to make holding items like tote bags or cloth bags. Cotton fabric contains cellulose which is a useful ingredient in making starch and artificial sugars.

Cardboard boxes

The cardboard used in these boxes is recycled to make newer cardboard. It can also be used to make heavy duty paper. Cardboard also contains cellulose which can be used in making explosives for fireworks.

Car batteries

Old car batteries are taken apart to take the lead from them and use it for making other items. Lead is famously used in making bullets. The plastic covering can also be recycled to make other plastic items like paper cups.


These are fake plastics that can decompose, unlike the ordinary plastics. They are collected in a pile and used to make compost for fertilizing gardens.

Home electronics

Items like computers, stereos, games consoles, and mobile phones have plastic and electronic circuitry, which can be recycled. Some gold collectors extract the small traces of gold in these electronics to make jewelry.

Motor oil

Used motor oil is recycled to make heavier lubricants for use in heavier machinery. It can also be used to make heavy plastics.

Ink cartridges

Offices routinely throw away ink cartridges. These cartridges can be recycled by refilling them and extending their lifetime.  They can also be taken apart to extract the fine gold circuitry in them. The plastic is also recyclable.

DVDs and game discs

Game discs, DVDs, and CDs are made of special plastics. They can be crushed to recycle this plastic for other items.


Half-used or broken crayons are collected, melted and made again in exciting shapes.

Compact fluorescent bulbs

The fine glass in these bulbs is crushed and recycled.

Foam packing

The foam that is used to protect new fragile items like electronics is shredded and made into new shapes for other packing uses.


Eyeglasses are made of metal or plastic frames, and plastic lenses. Broken eyeglasses are broken to extract these two components for recycling.


Old carpets are processed by carpet reclamation facilities to make new looking carpets.

So if you have any of these items above that are old or out of use, don't it away. Put it to good use and reduce, reuse and recycle.

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