How to Make Recycling Fun and the Benefits of Doing So

Making recycling a convenient process can help a great deal in encouraging people to take up this practice. How do we do this? One of the first ways is to ensure ease of access when recycling. Your family is more likely to recycle if it’s easy for them to do so. For example, In the kitchen you could  place marked bins next to the trash can. You can also put a box in your child's bedroom for recycling paper. You might even consider putting a small container in the bathroom for collecting toilet-paper tubes. And boy those little tubes can be found everywhere and creating a space for them will be so much more convenient and efficient. What else can you do to make recycling easier?

You can educate and provide monetary rewards. A good way to encourage recycling is empower and educate people about it. Teaching people about the climate crisis, the environmental problems and pro-environmental values is one of the most effective ways to encourage pro-environmental behavior which includes recycling.  Another way to encourage recycling is by providing monetary benefits. An example of this would be the refundable deposits on glass bottles or a percentage off groceries if you bring your own reusable bags to the store. Incentives are always a good way of promoting recycling. 

Nobody likes doing extra chores, and kids can be especially stubborn about things they don’t understand, so take the time to explain to your kids why recycling is important. 

Help them understand the importance of recycling. What can you do? You can play games to make it fun or bring them along to the recycling center so they can see how the recycling process gets started. Going on a field trip is such a cool way to learn.

When they understand where all their garbage goes they’ll think twice before chucking that soda bottle out of the car window. Recycling and living sustainable lifestyle can be fun once you commit to the habit. It's a long term investment that will return many benefits in years to come.

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