How the ZERO Waste MOVEMENT Impacts Generation Z and the Millennials

No single day passes without the mainstream media highlighting an issue regarding the glaring dangers of Global Warming, Pollution, Climate Change and Nuclear Issues. Though it is somewhat ironical why such is the case yet the web is flooding with articles about environmental sustainability, it’s equally sad to note that fewer seem bothered about the looming dangers. But what if there was a way of preaching to the newly vibrant millennial generation various ways of entirely doing away with wastes?
Meet the Zero Waste Movement and Why It is worth joining!

Kathryn Kellogg isn’t your ordinary 25-year old print shop employee. With a lifestyle blog titled Going Zero Waste, a legion of Facebook and Instagram followers and a voice against unnecessary waste, Kathryn truly embodies the no-trash movement. Admittedly, she’s the brain behind the now popular Zero Waste Movement alongside Lauren Singer of the Trash Is For Tossers and Zero Waste Chef’s Anne Marie.

While most of the inspirational figures behind the movement trace their roots to Bea Johnson of the Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Your Waste, it seems the cause is to target Gen-Z. Unlike the 42-year-old Johnson, more than a dozen of the movement’s vehement voices nowadays are within the millennial bracket.

How the Movement works

Undoubtedly, the movement is driven by those who understand how to reach the millennials, the right way of engaging them and where the many previous campaigns failed. Blogging and Vlogging is the latest trend along with social media engagements and being bold for the cause.

Lauren Singer is just 25 years, yet her efforts as highlighted on her website, TED talks and ‘how-to’ YouTube videos say it all. Ariana Schwarz is 27 years too, but her Paris-to-Go zero waste blog is also on the frontline. Kathryn Kellogg is 25 years too yet we all know her now-trendy blog Going Zero Waste has over 10,000 unique page views a month. Celia Ristow is barely 24 years too, but armed with her blog Litterless and a slew of articles on waste management every day, she’s helping reach out to the millennials.

As captured by the various Documentaries and TV Shows, the specifics of going zero waste largely vary, though Composting, Recycling, Reusing and using no Plastics are the main themes. Kellogg replaced plastic water bottles and paper towels with reusable dishcloths and handkerchiefs while Ristow shops second-hand clothes and uses the city public transportation system. The movement doesn’t also depend on explaining everything through polished blog posts.

Social Media Challenges is also the name of the game as Lindsay Miles of the Treading My Own Path did in 2012. And, to better understand how the movement is impacting the Millennials and Generation Z, just pay a visit to Kaycee Bassett, “the zero waste girl,” Instagram account. But it seems the trend has taken root pretty quickly, as explained by Actress Sophie Turner of the #Powershift. 

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