How the Tech Community is Living the Green Lifestyle

With lifestyles increasingly dependent on technology, the demand for energy has correspondingly gone up. This has a chain effect of demand for more fuel and more intensive efforts to extract these fuels. But the negative consequences of this has been more damage to the planet in the extraction processes, and higher emission of greenhouse gases in the production of energy from these fuels. The tech community is leading the way in moving away from these destructive energy production and use methods. How is the tech industry influencing greener lifestyles?

Smarter energy production

There is a shift away from unsustainable fossil fuels to more sustainable and renewable energy production methods. These include hydropower, wind power and solar power. Tesla has announced the switching on of the biggest Lithium ion battery in the world capable of producing 100 megawatts of electricity powered by solar energy.

More efficient and affordable technology has lowered the price of solar energy equipment over the years, making it an increasingly preferred energy source. Research is being conducted on harvesting energy from the movement of sea waves. These newer methods of harvesting energy promise greener industries and lifestyles.

Smarter gadgets

Smarter technology is making gadgets more energy efficient. The Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TVs and desktop monitors of yesterday have been replaced by more energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) TVs and display monitors of today. This has also been observed in other technology like the light bulb where heat filaments have been replaced by LEDs. These gadgets are more efficient in energy usage and have contributed to lower energy demands in industries and homes.

Smarter homes

The concept of Smart homes is becoming more widespread. This involves programmable gadgets that are able to turn on or go into low power mode as necessary. Examples are house lights which will dim when there is sunlight and increase in brightness when darkness is setting in. There are also programmable lights that will only come on when there is someone in the room.

Smarter home technology is big on energy efficiency which depends on the air heating and cooling systems in a house. More sophisticated choices in these systems include temperature and presence sensing systems that adjust their heating and cooling accordingly which uses just the right amount of energy required.

Better recycling technology

Recycling technology is better and is increasingly being used in many day to day products. Recycled materials will be found in office stationery,packaging materials, cars, and a lot other objects that are in day to day use. 

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