He's Going Completely Organic at Home and Starts with Using WHOLEROLL


Every once in a while we will share some of our reviews and expound on them.  We will not be bias, but will share both good and bad or 5 star and 1 star reviews. This was one of our very first reviews.

"Excellent experience with this toilet paper that is strong, soft, septic safe and organic....." - Victor

We were very grateful that Victor gave us a five star review. We didn't post the entire review, because it is Amazon's content but we wanted to share. One of the first things he mentioned was that it was strong.  Indeed it is very strong.  Bamboo is naturally a very strong material. Even so much after when it is pulverized and made into toilet paper it retains the same strength it had in the natural form.

Interestingly enough with the strength of the tissue, you would think it wouldn't be soft.  To the contrary, it is strong but maintains a softness which makes it very unique. Some people think bamboo probably feels like recycled toilet paper, but it does not. For one, it doesn't contain BPA like recycled toilet paper. It is much softer and contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that no other pulp has. These organic properties makes WHOLEROLL and bamboo tissue unlike any other tissue on the market.

We are glad that Victor chose WHOLEROLL and has made the decision to go completely organic in his home. 

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