Green Purchasing Gives Power to the Consumer

In today’s competitive environment, companies are taking more notice of consumers who are asking for more sustainable and energy and water efficient products.

Purchasing more energy efficient products has also been made easier with the star rating system.

Electrical appliances often have a star rating system attached to them. The more stars an appliance has, the more efficient it is.Water efficient appliances also have a star rating system that works in the same way. So the next time you’re purchasing new appliances, make sure you look at how water and energy efficient they are.This saves you money and is better for the environment.

When renovating, there are also a variety of products in the market that offer a green alternatives. Eco-paints are no longer uncommon and offer a great green alternative. They can be made from natural, non-toxic ingredients and do not produce chemical fumes. Ask your local paint provider for information about eco-paints the next time you’re looking to redecorate. 

 Eco furniture produced using either ethically manufactured materials or recycled material had also grown in its popularity and availability. Look for green alternatives when buying furniture, such as:

  • ·        Recycled timber
  • ·        Secondhand or restored vintage furniture
  • ·        Timber from sustainable sources and not old forests such as bamboo
  • ·        Good quality furniture that will last a long time
  • ·        Locally made furniture
  • ·        Fabrics made from recycled products
  • ·        Office furniture made from recycled plastics

One of the most powerful ways in which the consumer can demonstrate their commitment to the environment is to use their purchasing power to buy products that are less damaging to people and the environment.

When the consumer purchases greener products and clearer information is provided about the impacts of specific products this provides an incentive for manufacturers to provide the types of products they want and the environment needs.

When purchasing products, whether they are hand towels or a new building, you can find green alternatives that are far kinder to the environment than the products you have traditionally used.

There are many readily available products that make green purchasing a relatively straightforward endeavor.

Products made from recycled materials, energy efficient and greenhouse friendly products, water efficient products and non-toxic products can make a major difference in protecting the environment and preserving the future of the next generation.  

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