Great Skin Begins With This Natural Product

Glycerine, glycerince…... glycerin. Oh the many uses of glycerine. It is such a useful product and not very many people know about it. Most people know it as a byproduct in making natural soaps, but there are thousands of other applications and uses for glycerine and we are going to take a look at few.

So what is glycerine used in. It's used in lotions, baked goods, cooking and all different kinds of beauty products. Glycerine is wonderful for the skin. Daily use will produce some amazing benefits. Exactly what does it do you say. Here are a few benefits it has on the skin.

  1. Promotes the Skin Cell Maturation-Glycerin fights the common condition we know as psoriasis.  During research doctors found that when glycerine is placed or applied to the skin, cells will regenerate back to the normal state.  This will eliminate the skin shedding to quickly which can make for a thick and scaly skin.
  2. Helps with Water Balance-Glycerine hydrates the outer layer of the skin. We know your insides needs water but do you know that it is just as important to hydrate the outside. Glycerine helps to reduce the evaporation rate of water from the skin. This will keep the skin from drying out too quickly  
  3. Skin Appearance Improves- In addition to making sure the moisture levels are maintained and are buoyant, glycerine keeps the skin healthy. Well just how does this happen?  Glycerine is a natural emollient therefore it is designed to moisturize. Glycerine also has exfoliating capabilities which keeps the skin from looking to rough and dry. In fact with regular use you will notice a soft supple appearance.

Glycerine is a natural emollient. It is definitely a natural product that should and probably already is in every home through products you use everyday such as lotions, soaps, cleaning products and more. If you want to keep your skin looking beautiful and glowing, then a little glycerine a day will go a long way.  

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