Great Repurposing Items You Can Find at a Garage Sale

Sales define the true meaning of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s come up.’ However, it is hard to find the items to repurpose or resell if you do not venture into garage sales and yard sales where you can find some truly exciting gems that you can transform to statement pieces either for your house or to resell at a handsome profit.  Since garage sales are often due to the owner’s need to get rid of clutter and make money in the process, most things are often dirt cheap so therefore carry your money in small denominations. Here are ideas on great repurposing items you can find at a garage sale:

Wooden Furniture

Cabinets, dining furniture, chests, bookcases and coffee tables are great buys that can be repurposed into a variety of furniture for your house, for example, turning a coffee table or chest of drawers into a bench, window seat or dressing table. You can also use crates, tables and boards to make a DIY bookcase that not only transforms your home but also, stores the books properly. However, avoid upholstered furniture as this can carry bedbugs and cost you money and stress afterwards.


The main reason for buying electronic equipment that is not old is to resell especially if their brand is high. However, you can also buy electronics for repurposing by using the components to build other projects and repair the broken electronic equipment you have for less.

Old Windows

Buy charming old windows to use them as room dividers, flower boxes, to transform into a table or by making a message board among other numerous uses.

Décor Items

Buying fabrics, great picture frames, bowls, candle holders, table runners and other home décor items will help you turn your home into a warm stylish place decorated for very little money. Table runners make for great weaving projects. You can also repurpose fabrics and paints as well as transforming decorative items through a little creativity.


You can find great lines at a garage sale which you can then use to make chair covers, valances or pillows that you can decorate or embroider as you wish.


Buying a bunch of CDs at a small price is a great idea as you can use them to decorate a door or repurpose them for use as coasters, wind chimes, or make a bird bath among other creative ideas.


Great sturdy boxes or pots are great foresight as you can turn the boxes into a striking storage container or stool and also, use them as plant displays. Pots can also make great planters which you can then arrange in an eye-catching manner.

Mason Jars

You can buy a number of mason jars cheaply and repurpose them for use as craft and bathroom storage or even use them, with a little creativity, as chandeliers.

So on your next trip to a garage sale, keep this list of eight items and take them home to repurpose and decorate on a budget.

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