From Patent Pending to Purpose Is the Journey of WHOLEROLL

Many people don't know our story. WHOLEROLL actually started out as a patented idea for a toilet paper roll and spindle in one. It all happened when one of our team members took a bathroom break and saw where her children would not put the toilet paper on the spindle. Out of frustration she thought there had to be an easier way. So the toilet paper spindle and roll- in -one became the idea behind WHOLEROLL. The "Whole-roll together in one that would make putting the toilet paper on the roll a whole lot easier and convenient.

Well in our research and prototype development process, we discovered that 98% of the bathroom tissue on retail shelves were made from trees that manufacturers were chopping down.  None of us had ever thought twice about what our toilet paper was made of.  We all had a passion to preserve the environment, so the thought of that many trees being chopped down for a disposable product was a little nauseating.

Well because of that information our priority shifted.  And it shifted to focusing on a healthy, organic and treeless toilet paper that was better for the consumer and better for the environment.. This in essence is how WHOLEROLL began. We continued research and discovered that bamboo was a strong resource that grew twenty times faster than trees and it could completely eliminate cutting down trees for toilet paper making.  Not only that, bamboo has antifungal and antibacterial properties that other toilet papers didn't have and it was soft too.  That was a win win. 

Patent pending to purpose WHOLEROLL

Our idea went from product to purpose and we are sure glad we made the pivot. Today WHOLEROLL is Amazon's Choice for sensitive, organic and chlorine free toilet paper. and Oh yea, our patent was not granted. But we of course know why. That just wasn't our purpose.

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