Earth Day is Soon Here So Plant A Tree

Ok, how many thousands do we pass by on a regular basis?  How many do we have in our yards?  Exactly how many did you see on vacation?  Yes, trees are everywhere and because they are everywhere we sometimes simply take them for granted.  You know it's kind of like toilet paper.  Well, exactly like toilet paper.  You don't think about it or miss it until it is gone.

The irony of that is that 98% of the bathroom tissue on retail shelves is made from full grown trees manufacturers chop down.  Why do we take things we need for granted. Things that we don't miss until it is gone.

It's Earth Day So Plant a Tree

At WHOLEROLL, we truly understand the importance and value of trees.  Trees are the lungs of the earth because they help to absorb carbon emissions and other pollutants out of the air.  Without trees we all would probably not have the capacity to inhabit the earth.

As we approach Earth Day, let's remember to value God's divine creation and natural beauty in the many different species of trees that we have.  Trees are the living vital force and habitat of all ecosystems.  Without trees, we probably could not survive.  Make it your mission to plant a tree this Earth Day as we do everyday with each purchase of WHOLEROLL.

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