Don't Mean to Scare You but Climate Change Can Cause This

Climate change is a fact and a reality. This has become to some very scary as the impact and the damage is starting to be seen across the world. There are harsher droughts, larger and uncontrollable wildfires, more severe storms, hotter summers and shorter winters. Some climate experts say that the impacts of climate change are being seen faster than was expected. In the past, the climate change impact was thought of as something that would happen in 30 or 50 years or so, but this is not so. The effects are being felt in an increasingly vulnerable world. Indeed, climate change will and can make the world a inhabitable place. Other than the storms, flooding, acid rain, wildfires and sea level rise, what can happen if we don't get the climate crisis under control?

1.    More contagious diseases

Climate change has led to higher temperatures in some places like Africa and Asia. This has led to a scarcity of water making inhabitants in these places depend on unsafe water. This raises the risk of contagious diseases outbreaks like diarrhea and cholera.

One effect of climate change has caused more places around the world more conducive for pathogens. A study recently done found that the E.Coli bacteria has increased by 8% for every 1-degree increase in world temperature.

2.    Increase in allergies

Warmer weather makes for easier growing conditions  for weeds and other pollen releasing plants. Scientists in the US found that weeds growing in the city, where temperatures are hotter than in the countryside grew taller and faster releasing more pollen into the air. Warmer weather also makes the growing season longer meaning there is more pollen releasing plants growing. Sufferers of hay fever will experience nastier allergies.

3.   More vermin and parasites

A study was done in Canada and the US on tick reproduction that showed warmer weather has boosted tick reproduction by as much as five times compared to other places that did not have the same increase in temperatures. It has also been found that deer mice has increased as big predators decreased due to loss of habitat.  This in turn will increase incidences of Lyme disease caused by the increased number of deer ticks that look for hosts.

4.    Irritable moods

Studies on human behavior have shown that humans get more irritable in warmer temperatures as the body becomes more uncomfortable. Hotter temperatures outside mean that people will find it less attractive to venture outside and will stay indoors longer making causing mood change behaviors and vitamin decreases especially Vitamin D due to lack of exposure to the sun.

5.    More volcano eruptions

The arctic ice weight keeps the ground under it compact and under huge pressure. This makes it harder for volcanic magma to find its way to the earth’s surface. As temperatures rise, arctic ice is melting faster taking this weight off and making volcanic eruptions more possible and likely.

We can all play a part in this global crisis by discovering ways you can help preserve the environment.  What impact can you make today to help preserve the planet and the future of the next generation. There is really no need to be alarmed if we prepare now.

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