Don't Just Eat Anything Eat Green and Live Long

When most people hear about embracing eco-friendly practices, they mostly think it is all about recycling and reusing. However, did you know that it is possible to use eco-friendly tips to improve both the environment and your overall health? All you need to do to achieve this and enhance your well-being is to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Healthy living or green living can work wonders for all aspects of your life and make you feel great about making a difference in the environment and your own lifestyle. Here are a few tips to guide you in making these positive changes.

·         Embrace Organic Eating

The food you eat has an impact on both your health and the environment. Choosing food that has been organically grown, produced, and supplied will help you eat healthy and reduce your environmental impact as well. Choose seasonal local produce as this is more likely to be sustainably sourced.

·         Avoid Contaminated Fish

While fish is a healthy source of Omega fatty acids, did you know that some kinds of fish can be contaminated with mercury and hence pose a risk to your health? Choose fish that is sustainably sourced and contamination free. The guide at help you avoid contaminated fish.

·         Embrace a More Plant-Oriented Diet

By choosing to eat plants more you can establish a healthier diet. Start by going meat-free once or twice a week, then building on that until you establish a diet that suits you both in a healthy and environmental way. Vegetables, nuts, fruits and seeds are great sources of fiber, proteins and vitamins.

·         Use Stairs Often

This is a simple tip that allows you to not only build a healthy exercising habit but also, saves energy. So instead of using the elevator each time, train yourself to take the stairs regularly.

·         Celebrate Green Holidays

The holidays see an influx in the amount of plastic, paper and non-biodegradable waste and other harmful effects on both health and the environment. By practicing green holidays such as reducing consumption of food, alcohol and fuel, using green decoration, using recycled materials to make cards, enjoying homemade food and local healthy foodstuffs and employing other practices that are great for your health, nature and the economy to reduce the adverse impact a holiday season yields. provides tips on how to embrace ecotourism if you choose to take a vacation during the holidays.

·         Create a Garden

Growing your food can help you ensure that you eat healthy organic foods and increase your consumption of plants which makes for a healthy diet. While you may not have the huge gardens to grow a wide variety of foods, starting with a vegetable patch in your backyard or even potted plants and herbs indoors, on your balcony or windowsill can go a long way to help you develop healthy eco-friendly habits.

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