Do You Really Know What Sustainable Living Is?

People cannot move towards a sustainable life and a sustainable future until they have the knowledge and understanding of certain ‘important’ aspects of sustainable living. The responsibility of providing people with the knowledge and understanding of these ‘important’ values falls on each one of us. Here are principles that we can educate others about:

·        The nature and function of ecological, social, economic, and political systems and how they are interrelated

·        The natural and cultural values intrinsic to the environment

·        The impact of people on the environment and how the environment shapes human activities

·        The role of cultural, socioeconomic, and political systems in environmental decision-making

·        The principles of ecologically sustainable development

·        The responsibilities and benefits of environmental citizenship, including the conservation and protection of environmental values

·        The importance of respecting and conserving indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage

·        How knowledge is uncertain and may change over time, and why we, therefore, need to exercise caution in all our interactions with the environment

·        The consequences of possible courses of action

·        The individual and collective actions to support desirable outcomes

Sustainable education is all about making people realize that without considering and involving every person that lives on this planet, we cannot achieve a sustainable future.

We must therefore work in partnership with one another to make sure that the systems we live by are owned by both young and old alike, and that they are feasible not only for this generation, but for all generations that follow. This is what sustainable living is all about.

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